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Known For

Implementing many of the site's features.

Robert Herman (AKA Maverfax) worked to fix some backend problems and PHP issues for Total Jerkface. He implemented the comment system of the forums, the personal information editor, the replay/level deleter, the admin system, the edit and delete comment system, the sidebar, the smilies, and the "bread crumbs" of the forum. According to Jim in his news post 'yay, help', he did this entirely out of the kindness of his heart.

He has only made one level titled Jump of Faith, which has a 1.44 rating, but was later deleted by him. He has not made a level since or replay since May 21st, 2012. Later, he deleted all of his replays, leaving most users to wonder where he went, but he now has some on his profile page. Maverfax is currently retired from any site work on Total Jerkface. It is unknown what he currently does for a living, however, he has not left the site completely, and may comment or message on occasion. According to his Total Jerkface profile page, he lives in Dallas, Texas, and he joined on July 15, 2010.

You can e-mail Maverfax at maverfax@gmail.com, but he is unlikely to reply.