Level editor item

Object type

Special item

Special Item Category

Building Block

Available in Happy Wheels since version


The log is one of the three building blocks found in the game. The log is a dark brown rectangle with lighter ends. It was added in V1.0. It is supposed to represent a log of wood or, in some instances, a whole tree that was cut down. The log is not as dense as the i-beam, but it is pretty dense. It can be broken in half when enough force is pushed on the log. Once broken in half, the broken sides will also be lighter. The width can be changed from 36 to 54, with 36 being the default width, while the height can be changed from 200 to 600, with the default height being 400. In the V1.67 update, the log was given a sleeping option.

In the mobile version, the width can be anywhere between 23.04 and 34.56, with the default value being the 23.04. The height ranges from the 128 to 384, with 256 being the default value.


  • The log is the only building block that is able to break.
  • The sound effects made by the log are one of the most common sound effects used by triggers.
  • In the mobile version, the ranges of the width and height (as well as their default values) had changed once. The current ones are mentioned above, but the width initially ranged from 41.47 to 62.21, with the default value set at 41.47. The height, meanwhile, ranged from 230.40 to 691.20, with the default height being 460.80.


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