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The load level/replay feature.

The load level/replay feature, added in v1.61is a way to get to your favorite/random levels or replays easily. It is located in the main menu. To load a level/replay, you must enter the level/replay ID or the link/URL to the level/replay. To find the level or replay ID, go to the level browser and click on a level/replay, and then highlight the end numbers in the level/replay link (pinkish type text), or highlight the entire URL. You may have to drag the text over a bit to get the number. When you type in or paste the ID or link for level/replay, click 'load' and it will come up.

No replay found

If the replay you are looking for has been deleted or if the replay has not been created yet, this message will show up.


  • The ID is the same of the number level it was. EX: if you type in "1" the first level that was ever made will come up, which is Happy Green Hills.
  • If you type in something that is not an ID it will say in red letters "ID is invalid."
  • Sometimes the level/replay will skip numbers. For example: The first level is 1 and the next is 16. This is most likely because the level(s)/replay(s) between these have been deleted.
  • When the load level/replay feature was added, the controls menu was removed. It is unknown why.
  • The ID is also known as the URL.
  • Many users do not seem to know how to use the load level/replay feature.
  • If you search "0" when searching for a level, all of the current levels will appear instead of the message that says that there were no levels found.


  • Load level replay red text

    Editing the red text.

    The red "ID is invalid." text can be modified by clicking it (the text you type will also be in red).
  • If you try to search a replay with an ID of "0", you'll get stuck in the "loading replay..." message. The only way to get out of this is to refresh the page. This has been fixed.
  • If you view a replay that was saved to a deleted level, the level will become temporarily accessible. This does not work for ALL deleted levels, unfortunately.
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