LWPeterson(also commonly known as Mr. Larry, or just Larry, and formerly known as MrLarrytheHacker) is a retired site moderator on Total Jerkface. He joined Total Jerkface on December 29th, 2011, and was made a moderator in December 12, 2014. He is also an administrator on this wiki. As a moderator, his job is to delete rule breaking levels.
Escape School

ESCAPE SCHOOL! His most popular level.

LWPeterson was likely made a moderator because of his long time playing Happy Wheels, as well as his making of original levels, and largely interacting with other players. He currently has no featured levels. However, it was because user Bert recommended Jim to make him a mod.

He is known for making a variety of levels, such as long, cartooney levels like ESCAPE SCHOOL!detailed levels including =-Deserted Island-=Most of his levels are difficult, and will need some restarts.

Social Media

LWPeterson has a couple of social media accounts, his main one being his YouTube channel, Mr. Larry, where he posts a variety of Happy Wheels videos such as tutorials, speed arts, letsplays, and more. Other social media includes a Pastebin, where he posts level data.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 8.56.30 PM

==Deserted Island==, another level by LWPeterson.



  • LWPeterson has made by far the most levels out of any other moderator, at about 230 levels.
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