Kirbypwnage (stylized as kirbypwnage) is a moderator and a well known user on Total Jerkface who lives in Norway. He joined Total Jerkface on March 27th, 2011, and became a moderator about half a year ago as of August 3rd, 2013. Unfortunately, the exact date is unknown. His job as a moderator is mainly to delete levels that break the level rules, and delete spam on the news posts.
Meteor storm

His Chaos City level.

Kirbypwnage has multiple featured levels , which are known for being highly detailed and fun to play. These featured levels include the "Haunted Mansion" series (excluding the first level in the series), Cursed MountainAbandonedCrimson Forest, Fatman Escape 3, and Chaos City. Kirbypwnage is as of now a game developer and has developed the game The Legend of the Artifact.

On his Facebook page, he has confirmed that he is officially retired from Happy Wheels, and moved on to make his own games. He is currently working on Indie Game Battle, The Legend of The Artifact Remastered, Dreamcatcher, and several other games under his studio name Blob Games Studio.

List of Featured Levels

Social Media

Kirbypwnage used to have a Facebook page a Twitter, and a deviantart. Unfortunately, he had deleted all these accounts. He also has a Wikia account, but this has not been active for some time on this wiki.

Work with Fatality14

Kirbypwnage and Fatality14 used to work on levels together, Fatality says he and Kirbypwnage were working together on a level that they never finished, and the title of the level is unknown. The profile they share can be found here, and the only level on it is titled 'Candyland'.


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