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Featured Level



Date created

March 30th, 2014

Play count



2.99 (1,600+ votes)

Playable character

Segway Guy

JERK SOULS is a featured level by ofyuk. It currently has over 4,000,000 plays, and a rating of 2.99 from over 1,600 votes. Segway Guy is the forced character.


You begin inside of a fortress with demon statues behind you. As you move to the right, you pass a keeled over figure and a message pops up saying you collected the soul of an irresponsible father. More souls will be collected as you move through the level. Immediately after collecting the first soul, there is a chest that contains what appears to be an upgrade to Segway Guy's helmet. Afterwards, you must jump over a chasm and proceed down a hallway in which non-interactive shovel-shaped blades swing to the right as you pass. A button appears next to a wall with masks, and if the button is pressed a series of arrow guns will shoot at you. Avoiding the button and proceeding to the wall, the wood beneath you will collapse and you will come to another hallway in which you have to jump over two enemies with swirling swords.

You then proceed to an elevator which takes you up to the next level. To the right, the doorway is blocked by barrels of explosive powder, so you must proceed to the left. There is another chest which you must stand in front of to reveal its contents, which is a chamber key. Afterwards, you find the soul of a brave Explorer Guy along with 2 human effigies. You must then make your way to the left, down some ledges, avoiding the arrow button, down the hallway with swinging blades, over the chasm, and down the original hallway in which you started to gain access to a third chest in the chamber, along with the souls of Irresponsible Mom and her son. This third chest contains five black firebombs, which you will need to blast open the explosive barrels. You must proceed back to the right, over the chasm, down into the lower hallway, past the two enemies, and onto the elevator, which you must first bring down by passing a lever.

After going up the elevator and blowing up the barrels, you will encounter the "Covetous Shopper", a large serpent-like demon with the face of Effective Shopper. Covetous Shopper can only be defeated by jumping on her multiple times, after which the doorway to the right will open and you will come to the level victory in which the bonfire is lit.


  • There is a prequel to this level called HAPPY SOULS, and a sequel called PARK SOULS . PARK SOULS isn't featured, however.


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