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June 23rd, 2010

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4.14 (35,000+ votes)

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IT KEEPS HAPPENING! is a featured level by eisiger. It currently has over 17,000,000 plays, and a rating of 4.14 from over 35,000 votes. You can play as any character. The level consists of a very long set of stairs.


The level starts you at the top of a large set of stairs, and a platform with the finish line. While going down, you will usually gather a lot of speed, and this can be dangerous. Once you get to the bottom, a long, curved segment of boosts will launch you back around and high up into the air; gathering too much speed may cause you to hit the left side of the level, while not gathering enough can make you land back on the stairs. If done correctly, you can reach the finish line above the start, where you will see a soccer ball and a van.


  • Due to the finish line being directly above the start, the level can easily be completed by boosting up with Wheelchair Guy, jumping and ejecting up with Effective Shopper, using the pogostick to jump with Pogostick Man, and flying up with Helicopter Man.
  • There is a sequel titled IT KEEPS HAPPENING?, which is exactly the same level, only with Irresponsible Dad as the forced character. This was made due to eisiger annoyed at all the replays of players easily beating the level using Effective Shopper or Wheelchair Guy.
    • It should be noted that this backfired, as Irresponsible Dad is capable of "flying" up to the platform, and almost all of the replays portray this.
  • The level is based off the Homestuck meme, "IT KEEPS HAPPENING!"
  • Since this level was published, many users have copied the level's design to make their own version of it.


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