Level editor item

Object type

Special item

Special Item Category

Building Block

Available in Happy Wheels since version


The I-beam is a very dense, dark red sturdy beam, found under the building blocks category, and represents a beam used at a construction site for large buildings. The I-beam was introduced in the release version of the game, and, due to them revolving around construction sites, many levels involving one will make heavy use of them.


The I-beam can be set to fixed or unfixed. You can also set the width and height. The minimum width is 200, with the maximum being 1,600, while the minimum height is 32, and the maximum is 64. It is indestructible, just like the rail. In the version 1.67 update, the I-beam was given a sleeping option.



  • In the mobile version, the width can be anywhere from 230.40 to 1843.20, with 460.80 being the default width when placing an I-beam down. The height, meanwhile, can be anywhere from 36.86 to 73.73, with 36.86 being the default setting.
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