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Helicopter Rampage
Helicopter Rampage
Featured Level



Date Created

January 18th, 2017

Play Count



4.36 (1700+ votes)

Playable character

Wheelchair Guy

Helicopter Rampage is a featured level by stevensjohn708. It currently has over 1.9 million plays, as well as a rating of 4.36 from over 1700 votes. Wheelchair Guy is the forced character.


The player is basically starting off in an AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. The main objective of this game is to basically massacre the entire city in your helicopter. There are two weapons on the helicopter. hold SPACE button to use minigun and press left ctrl to fire rockets. Please note that you only have four rockets in this game. Once the player massacres the entire city, they come upon the level's boss which is an M1 abrams tank shooting at them. The player must dodge the shellfire from the tank and destroy it. Once the tank is destroyed, the victory is triggered.

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