Screenshot of the Discord Server

The Happy Wheels Discord server was created by Jim Bonacci on the 25th of September 2017. It currently has over 100,000+ active members, 12 public channels, and 2 voice channels.

Main Channels


  • faq-and-info (Mods only) - Frequently Asked Questions, and answers to common problems on Happy Wheels.
  • rules (Mods only) - This channel contains a list of rules for both Happy Wheels levels and the server itself.
  • hw-news (Mods only) - News related to Happy Wheels will be posted here
  • server-news (Mods only) - Any special occasion, event, contests, or notices will be announced in this channel.
  • how-to-play-hw (Mods only) - Provides a description of how to get your Happy Wheels to work.
  • hw-status (Mods only) - Server admin and other moderators will give alert messages regarding's server status.

Happy Wheels

  • general - Users can chat with other users as normal.
  • hw-discussion - Users can discuss anything related to Happy Wheels.
  • share-levels - Users can share levels, whether it be their own or someone else's.
  • building-levels - Users can either show off their progress with a level they are currently making or ask for advice and inspiration.
  • share-replays - Users can share any replays they've recorded or found from other players.
  • android-feedback - Users who had access to the beta launch of the Android port of the game could come here to report bugs. This channel is now opened to everyone.
  • sequel-discussion - Users can discuss anything related to the sequel. Requires rank 3 or higher to post in this channel.
  • report-levels - Users can report rule-breaking levels, which are reported to website moderators. This is the replacement to the now-disabled Report level button. Each successful report earns up to 50 XP and in some cases up to 100 Tokens.

Community Fun

  • starboard (Mods only) - Posts that have 4 or more star reactions will be added here by Irresponsible Bot. Messages that have no media and up to 8 or more stars will also be posted here.
  • creations - Users here can post pictures of their creations whether it's related to Happy Wheels or not.
  • off-topic - Users can discuss topics that aren't relevant to the other channels.
  • serious - This channel is for discussing serious topics, personal or public. You must reach level 3 to access this channel.


  • bot-announcements (Mods only) - Any information about the bot (Irresponsible Bot) it placed in this channel.
  • bot-commands - The main area for using Tokens. Users can use bot commands (which is operated by Irresponsible Bot) such as gambling tokens, gaining access to roles and XP boosts in the shop, and finding their rank.
  • changelog (Mods only) - Provides a list of changes to the Irresponsible Bot.


  • music-bot - Users can set the music bot (Rhythm, nicknamed Effective DJ) to play certain music in the Music voice channel.
  • Music - Voice channel used to play music. Only the Effective DJ bot can play music; all other users cannot speak.

Voice Channels

  • Voice Chat 1 and 2 - General voice channels.
  • Streaming - For livestreams.

Happy Wheels Discord Users

This is a list containing important users of the server such as the owner, and moderation team.

Main Guy Jim - 1

  • horribleperson#1464 - The owner and creator of the server Jim Bonacci.

Some Guy Jason - 1

  • Professional Jason#8130 - Jim's friend Jason Schymick who is responsible for the mobile ports of the game.

Admin Guy - 1

  • kittenswolf#8723 - Works the backend of the server as well as Irresponsible Bot.

Mod Guy - 7

  • grandpa Joe WCG™#1998
  • kittenswolf#8723
  • Origin#4566
  • Reispfannenfresser#3307
  • shaz#9837
  • Transvaal#7893
  • Warze#3295

Bot Face - 1

  • Irresponsible Bot#3098 - The server bot responsible for executing commands by mods and other users, especially in the bot-commands channel. 


  • There was formerly an "español" channel for Spanish users but due to inactivity and the lack of Spanish moderators, it was removed.
  • There are channels that can only be accessed via certain roles and privileges.
  • The server use to be the largest server on Discord. But due to many inactive users, a lot of them were removed.
  • It is highly suggested by moderators and other users that you do not ping Jim. He will most likely not see it, and it annoys a lot of users.
  • The first user to join the server was Kreftus. The second user was kittenswolf.
  • The server has a hierarchy system where users will level up as they continue chatting on the server. The levels range from "Totaljerkface Fan - LVL 3" to "Godly Wheeler - LVL 50". Users will also earn coins every 5 to 10 levels. You will also continue leveling up after level 50, but there are no level roles for it.
  • When a channel is being active enough, the bot will randomly give out token drops. The user who sends out the typed word or phrase first will earn the amount of tokens the bot is giving.
  • A user will receive coins from the bot after reaching each listed level. Check the gallery below.


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