Ready, Set, ROLL! Based on the popular game, Happy Wheels: The Series welcomes you to a magical place where wheels reign supreme and danger is a daily part of life. - description for the show.

Happy Wheels: The Series is an animated series produced by Bunim/Murray Productions and Machinima

Title Card

Title card

based off the game Happy Wheels. Like the game, the series involves characters going through brutal and violent courses, with excessive gore featured throughout. The series currently has one season, with 9 episodes total. Each episode runs from 3-5 minutes. The show is available for viewing at, but is currently only limited to viewing within the US.

Episode List

Season 1

Episode Number Date released Name Description
1 ??-??-2016 Welcome To Happy Wheels A brief introduction to the citizens of Happyville and their extremely dangerous ways of life.
2 ??-??-2016 Friday Night Races
3 ??-??-2016 Dead Pool
4 ??-??-2016 D.E.A.T.H.S. Go Medieval
5 ??-??-2016 The Day After Wednesday
6 ??-??-2016 The Butterfly Effect
7 ??-??-2016 Stephen Saves The Day
8 ??-??-2016 Who Carted?!
9 ??-??-2016 Back To The Present A time travel wormhole is discovered during the Friday Night Races, giving D.E.A.T.H.S. a life-changing peek into their town’s history, possibly altering their future forever.


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