Glass Panel
Glass Panel
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The glass panel (commonly called glass) is a miscellaneous item added in v1.35 on March 30th, 2011.

Glass is a rectangular object, similar to the shape of the building blocks, but smaller. It has a low opacity and will break into multiple, interactive shards when hit with enough force. These shards can sometimes break into even smaller shards.

Happy Wheels glass panel stabbing character

A large glass panel stabbing a character.

It has three toggles, besides setting the width, height and rotation, users can determine whether they want it to be sleeping, what strength they want it to be (how much force it is needed to break), and whether they want it to stab the character or not. Sometimes, the glass panel can actually crush the character, even when it stabs them, it can crush body parts such as the pelvis. The strength of the glass panels ranges between 1 and 10, with 1 being the weakest and 10 being the strongest. Glass shards are capable of stabbing characters the same way as spikes, blade weapons, and harpoons. The bigger, denser, or heavier the glass panel is, the more likely it is to kill the character when they are stabbed, and the harder it is to break.

Lawnmower Man's mower can break glass, even if the strength is set to 10. Other characters cannot break glass when the strength is 10, unless they are travelling at great speed. It is said that Santa and his elves are better at breaking glass than characters other than Lawnmower Man. Once in a news post, Jim said "I see that many users are making breakable glass-like walls, so I will add a simpler one soon." Also, according to Jim, glass was easy to make.


  • The glass shards are always triangular.
  • The glass panel takes up 16 shapes in the level editor.
Glass breaking

Glass breaking and its particles scattering.

Breakable glass

Breakable glass

A video Jim made with the glass.

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