FireNine09 is a well known user who joined total jerkface on December 31, 2011, who according to his Profile Page, lives in Canada. He is known for his four featured levels. It was thought that FireNine09 was Jim's favorite author, as it is rare for a user to have so many featured levels in the short amount of time that he got them featured in. His most popular level is WIPEOUT, at 20,000,000 plays. Pokemon Adventure and Super Mario 64 are both at around six million plays. It is likely that he has retired from Happy Wheels, as his most recent level is WIPEOUT, published in March 2012.

List of Featured Levels

* This level is featured twice, one is the original, while the other is the fixed version, both share the same name.


  • Of the 8 levels that FireNine09 made, five of them are featured, and they are all his latest five levels.
  • Ocarina of Time HD has a fixed, re-uploaded version, but both versions are still featured, making the two levels to be the only two featured levels to be a somewhat duplicate of each other.
  • The first uploaded version of Ocarina of Time HD is the only featured level to have under one million plays.
  • Pokemon Adventure is one of the two Pokemon levels to be featured, the other one being POKEMON TRAINING, currently the most played level.


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