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Available in Happy Wheels since version


The fan is a movement item found in the level editor. Like any ordinary fan, it blows objects in whatever direction it faces. It has enough force to tear some characters apart at its base. Its appearance is a large, industrial fan, and has 3 blades. If you move close enough to it, you can hear and see its blades spinning. The fan's only toggle is the rotation, but as with boosts, the power is increased when they are piled on top of each other.


  • By setting the rotation to "-", the fan will become non-interactive due to the NaN glitch, allowing you to ride into it without it colliding nor pushing you. However, the blades will still spin, and you will still hear them as well.
  • If you attach multiple triggers to the fan, many items in the game will lose its function and will not work properly or at all.
Wheelchairguy fan-nan

The NaN glitch. Notice how the fan doesn't push you nor does it collide with you.


Fan Animation

The fan's animation.

  • Fans are often used in heart donation and don't move levels, these are commonly known as Rube Goldbergs, named after the famous cartoonist.
  • The power is greatest when you are directly on top of it. The force is so great that it can dismember Irresponsible Dad's son, possibly Explorer Guy, and the children of Irresponsible Mom.
  • The push of the fan decreases the farther you are from the propellers.
  • The blades still spin when levels are paused, similar to the arrows on the boosts still moving and tokens still spinning, although it will not play the sound.
  • The blades only spin clockwise.
  • The fan takes up 3 shapes in the level editor.
  • In the mobile version, when placing a fan down, the blue area, which shows where something will be blown away by the fan, cannot be seen.
  • The fan's spinning blades move much faster in the mobile version due to the mobile version running at 60 frames while the browser version runs at 30.


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