Editing NPCS in Flash CS5 5

Editing the NPCs from the FLA file.

Custom Non-Playable Characters (also known as Custom NPCs or Homemade NPCs) are Non-Playable Characters made by the users of Total Jerkface. Jim made a news blog releasing the characters available at the time [1]. This was in the form of a .zip containing a .fla file for Flash CS3 and up of the characters available at the time. Jim was interested in letting users create their own character that would be added into the game. However, none of the user-made characters had made it into the game.

Besides modifying these characters, the player can make false custom NPCs in the level editor, usually made with the poly tool or art tool. As these aren't true characters, they are not capable of blood, gore or ripped off body parts. Jason said that if the player were to make one, it should be for their own amusement.


  • A clown NPC.
  • A Ninja NPC.
  • More custom NPCs.
  • Bigfoot NPC (Used in the featured level, Bigfoot Forest. Speech bubble not included).
  • A man on a pogostick (before the release of Pogostick Man).
  • Macaw Hunter.
  • Hitman.
  • A mime NPC.
  • A zombie.
  • A hitler NPC.
  • A clown.
  • A man with an afro.
  • A criminal.
  • A ninja.
  • A mall cop.
  • An agent.
  • Assorted NPCs.
  • A female NPC.
  • A civilian NPC.
  • A hobo NPC.
  • A granny NPC.
  • Recumbent Bike made by GHAIS.
  • Tandem Recumbent Bike by GHAIS.
  • a SWAT NPC.
  • Colorful Mexican by The Random Maker.
  • Various interactive NPCs, including Trump, Mario, and Jim.
  • Even more assorted NPCs.
  • A divorcee.


  • There are many user-created levels made to showcase a user's custom characters. It is relatively uncommon for these characters to be incorporated into actual levels, due to their construction.
  • The NPCs in the .zip file do not include intestines, tendons, or spines.
  • NPCs aren't always just people, they could also be animals.


If you want to create your own custom NPCs, a guide is available here.


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