Classic Happy Wheels
Classic Happy Wheels scene
Featured Level



Date created

October 5th, 2011

Play count



3.76 (9,600+ votes)

Playable character

Moped Couple

Classic Happy Wheels is a featured level by PLT. It currently has over 4,700,000 plays, and a rating of 3.76 from over 9,600 votes. It requires skill, patience, and good timing. In the author's comments, it is noted that the level is "in memoriam of the Happy Wheels we all love". Moped Couple is the forced character.


It starts with an almost perfectly straight slope to drive on with help from fans. Then, there is a hill-shaped road. If you go too high, you will get stabbed in spikes. Wheelchair Guy is chilling next to a trash can. Next, a chain leads you over a "river" as well as Segway Guy and an arrow gun under the chain and a wrecking ball above it. After this, there is a bumpy road followed by a log bridge with 2 short ramps. If the second ramp has been collided with anything, two jet engines will fire at you.

There's a boost, followed by Irresponsible Dad and his son going for a ride on a scooter. Just ahead is a wrecking ball that may kill you if you are too high. There are then three homing mines that are supposed to blow up Irresponsible Dad. There is a ditch that the scooter will usually move into so you can move along. After the ditch are some boosts and a near-perfectly upward slope. After the slope is a fan that will push you proceed to the next area.

There are then two spring platforms that will push you into spikes if you wait too long. Irresponsible Son is on the second one. Lawnmower Man is standing near an arrow gun, followed by a few cones and a "ditch" with a van in it. Then, there's is a bridge with a spike set. Effective Shopper is standing near a harpoon gun. The last obstacles are circle shapes that will crush you as well as glass panels on top. If you get crushed by the circle shapes, you will fall into a spike set with landmines. However, if you manage to pass this obstacle, you'll proceed to the two finish lines.