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Chains are one of the fourteen miscellaneous items featured in Happy Wheels, introduced in v1.47 on September 16th, 2011, along with a hazard: the arrow gun.

It is a grey metallic designed object, originally intended so that players won't have to keep using rectangles and joints as ropes, but is often also used for other purposes.

The chain is easily breakable when holding high density objects, despite the fact that chains in real life can actually hold heavy objects. Jason has stated that fixing the bug would be very difficult. As of now, he hasn't succeeded.

It has six toggles. Users can determine the rotation of the chain, whether they want it to be sleeping, whether they want it to be interactive, how many links they want it to have, ranging from 2 to 40 with the default setting being 20 (unfortunately, changing this toggle affects the shape limit), the link scale or how big it is, ranging between 1 and 10 with the default setting being 1 (1 being the smallest and 10 being the biggest), and how curved they want it to be, ranging from -10 to 10 (default setting is 0).

Sometimes you can find a "chain music level" where chains are used to make music by means of the sound they make when they break, usually by using pin joints to twist the chain links into breaking or by using the new trigger tool many users just use the sound that the chain makes.


  • The chain can be stretched in the level editor by pressing the WASD keys, much like the shapes. However, when placing the chain, it will be regular sized. If you play the level, it will be regular sized too.
  • When you place an uninteractive chain, it counts as 20 shapes (or 2-40 depending on the link count). When you save and load that level, it will not count as interactive shapes anymore.
  • In the level editor, if you set the chain curve to "0-0" (NaN), the chain will look compressed, but when you test the level it will not show up. This has been fixed.
  • A former glitch was that if you set the link count or link scale to "-", the chain will disappear and will still count towards the shape/art limit. This would also make the chain unselectable if the level containing the chain with the link count or link scale toggle is set to "-" .


  • Segway Guy swinging on a chain.
  • The broken chain links.
  • A glitch in the level editor where you can resize the chain.


  • The chain takes up the most shapes in the level editor when its link count set to 25 or more, while it is also interactive.
  • The chain does not release any particles when it breaks.
  • Though rare, the chain is sometimes used in place of the glass panel as a "chain break" level, although glass break levels are much more popular.
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