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The cannon is found in the level editor as a special item, in the movement category. It was was added in version 1.49 on October 28th, 2011, along with food items. There are two types of cannons which fire the same, but have different skins (as seen on the picture in the infobox).

The cannon can only shoot if an object goes inside the barrel. It will stop moving and won't fire if the object falls out. The cannon will resume firing if another object falls inside in return.

The gray one is just a plain cannon with no paint, and the other one is a circus cannon painted red and light blue, with a zigzag pattern and white stars near the muzzle.


There are six options for the cannon: starting rotation, firing rotation, muzzle scale, type of cannon it is, delay and rotation for the entire object (as opposed to simply rotating the top half of the cannon).

  • Start rotation: The rotation that the cannon starts from.
  • Firing rotation: The rotation that the cannon fires from.
  • Muzzle scale: How big or small the muzzle/barrel can be.
  • Power: The power of the cannon; how far and powerful it fires.
  • Type: Change the type of cannon; A grey metallic cannon or a red and blue painted circus cannon.
  • Delay: How long before the cannon starts to rotate and fire.
Cannons (and Fruit)

Cannons (and Fruit)

Jim demonstrating the cannon (and food items, but mostly the cannon).


  • Sometimes, if a wrecking ball hits a cannon, the cannon will appear to be detached from its base.
  • Setting the rotation to "NaN" (which can be done by typing in a dash and pressing enter) will cause the barrel of the cannon to disappear when testing the level, leaving only the base of the cannon. In addition, every fixed shape/item (except the rail) will turn into a black hole. Non-fixed objects, however, are safe to touch and will simply fall through anything that has turned into a black hole.
  • Placing a homing mine near a cannon will cause the cannon to activate and fire when testing the level. Upon firing, the homing immediately shoots upwards, as if it were initially placed in the barrel of the cannon.


  • Due to how the segway can only being able to stay upright (unless broken), Segway Guy can't safely launch out of a cannon with his vehicle when the cannon is set to fire at 45 or more degrees (or -45 or less).


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