Building Blocks
Building Blocks
Level editor item

Object type

Special item

Available in Happy Wheels since version

1.0 and 1.45

Building blocks are special items that have their own category. The items were added with V1.0 and 1.45 They are usually used for ground. There are three building blocks: the i-beam, log and rail.


Main article: I-beam

The i-beam is a very dense dark red building block, and represents a beam used at a construction site. They were added with V1.0, and can be set to fixed an unfixed. You can also set the width and height: width minimum 200 maximum 1,600; height minimum 32 maximum 64.


Main article: Log

The log is a dark brown rectangle with lighter ends. It was added in V1.0. It is supposed to represent a log of wood or, in some instances, a whole tree that was cut down. The log can be broken in half when something pushes enough force on the log. The width can be changed from 36 to 54, while height can be changed from 200 to 600.
Broken Log

A broken log.


Main article: Rail

Rails were added with Explorer Guy on V1.45. If you hold space (by default) while on top of a rail with Explorer Guy, his mine cart will stick to it and accelerate faster. It was most notably used in The Legacy Of Quezal, a featured level. It is often used in Indiana Jones levels.

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