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The building is a special item in the level editor. It was one of the original items from the release of Happy Wheels. Jim Bonacci has mentioned drawing and adding new buildings (one of the reasons he hired Caroline Pham), but he has not yet done so. You can not enter the building from any floor, however, some users leave space between two buildings of the same type to give the illusion that you are going into one.


There are two types of buildings available in the level editor, which are as follows:

Building 1.

Building 1

Building 2.

Building 1 looks to be an old brick building, possibly an apartment building. The building features some opened windows, and some air conditioning units. The roof looks to be made of some type of stone, possibly slate. It is made of light-colored bricks and has a concrete sill across it every two floors.

Building 2

Building 2 is a bigger, more modern-style building. Most users believe the building is made from metal. The roof seems to be made of the same material as the rest of the building. The colors of the building are different; hues of light grey, and black shades side to side on the building. The building is given a bay window-like shape. Many users have thought that Building 2's shape was like Building 1, and the black and light gray colors were just so to make the building look more stylish. This also shows that the light is coming from the right side of the map.


The floor width can be toggled from 1 to 10, and the number of floors can be toggled from 3 to 50. Unusually for a special item, rotation is not an option.


  • Some users have claimed to see building 1 light up for a short period of time while on the building, although this doesn't happen.
  • The designs of the building are designed to look like buildings in New York City, as Jim does live in Brooklyn.