Boost Panel
Level editor item

Object type

Special item

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Available in Happy Wheels since version


The boost is a movement item included in the original release of Happy Wheels. It pushes objects in the direction the arrows are pointing. The only toggles are the number of panels and the rotation. The panels can be set from 1 to 6, with the default setting being 2. You can increase the boost power by piling a bunch of them on top of each other. The more boosts you pile up, the more powerful the boost will be, the louder the sound gets when something touches it, and the slower it will make your computer. Most often, people hate this. This led to an update that gave boosts a power setting that ranges from 10-100. The original strength was 20.



  • Boosts are commonly used in don't move levels and heart donations.
  • The arrows can turn yellow, black and transparent.
  • Putting an equal amount of boosts on top of each other in opposite directions neutralizes the effect, allowing no object to be affected by the boost.
  • The gray borders on the top and bottom have a small red dash going across them.
  • You can attach a trigger to it, making it sit there and not push anything until one of the specified things touches the trigger.
  • If you put more boosts on top of each other, the boost will create a louder noise when something collides with them. The color will be darker and more opaque as well. The acceleration of an object when it is colliding with a boost will also increase.
  • Toggling the amount of panels does not change the amount of shapes used.
  • Even though the boost is non-interactive, it will still count towards the shape limit, not the art limit. The same goes for tokens.
  • In the mobile version, the maximum number of panels a boost can have is 10.


  • When the rotation is set to "-", the boost becomes defective and objects will not receive a boost when it collides with the boost. Some users do this in troll levels.
  • When an object collides with a lot of boosts piled up together, the game might freeze.
  • In the mobile version, during slow motion, the strength of a boost is weaker than normal. This means that shapes can fly further when the speed of the game is normal, but travel less during slow motion.