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Special item

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Available in Happy Wheels since version


The boombox is a miscellaneous item which was added to the game on May 6th, 2011 with V1.37, along with the chair, bottle, and television. Like the television, it cannot be turned on.


The boombox is mostly gray, with a black handle. There are multiple knobs, dials, buttons and speakers. There is also what appears to be a place to put CDs, but it does not play music. It has 3 different designs for each level of destruction:

  1. Normal Boombox with no damage
  2. Visible crumpling and broken pieces
  3. Boombox shattered in half
Boombox Damage States

All states of the boombox when damaged.


Like lots of miscellaneous items, the boombox has three toggles, interactivity, sleeping and rotation. Like most items, it is only possible to set the boombox as sleeping if it is already set to be interactive.


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