Each character's body can break up into multiple body parts. Some body parts can be broken further into more body parts. This commonly occurs when force is applied to the body by some means.


There are various body parts which a character might be broken down. The main parts a character can break down into are listed below:

  • Head
    • Brain
    • Spine
    • Face
    • Jaw
  • Abdomen
    • Heart
    • Intestines
    • Organs
  • Pelvis
  • Arms
    • Upper Arm
    • Lower Arm
    • Veins, Blood Vessels (Attached to arms before breaking apart)
  • Legs
    • Upper Leg
    • Lower Leg
    • Feet
    • Veins, Blood Vessels (Attached to legs before breaking apart)
  • Various unspecified parts


There are many ways a character's body can be broken. Several ways are listed below:


  • Tendons may interact with collision 2 shapes.
  • Sometimes, certain levels will glitch, causing objects fly around in circles and may kill the player character.


  • Hearts will still beat after death. It will also continue to beat even when the game is paused.
  • Intestine size varies by character size.
  • NPCs usually don’t have intestines, spines, or tendons, probably to reduce the shape usage of NPCs.
  • As the camera follows the character's heart, it is commonly used in levels where it is broken from the body and travels across the level.
  • NPC's feet cannot be removed, only playable character's feet can.
  • Sometimes, if the intestine is pulled very fast by multiple fans or multiple boosts put on top of each other, it will stretch out being long and thin, and may separate but not break.
  • All NPC's joints can resemble a 360 without breaking.
  • Once a body part breaks (such as a leg or arm) it will be able to collide with the character.
  • Lawnmower Man can use his lawnmower to suck up body parts without breaking them.
  • Intestines will only appear occasionally.
  • When an upper arm or leg has been removed from a playable character and the player ejects if he/she hasn't already, the joints of the arm or leg can still be controlled (pressing up, left, etc.) even though the arm or leg was removed.
  • Every character's heart is the same size. This also applies to their brains.
  • Sometimes when you get decapitated, the head will hang from the spinal cord. This still renders you dead, however.
  • Lawnmower Man cannot suck up his own body parts with his lawnmower.


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