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Moped Couple and a Wheelchair Guy NPC explode into pieces, gushing out blood.

Blood is a main feature of Happy Wheels. It gushes and sometimes spews out of characters and NPCs when a body part is ripped off, destroyed or when a character or NPC gets stabbed by anything sharp, such as a blade weapon or an arrow. If the "maximum particles" setting in the options menu is set to 0, no blood will be visible.


The message telling people that the blood setting can be changed and the default type being changed back to 1.

Although most wounds will cause the character to bleed lightly, a "spewing" effect only occurs when large body parts are removed. For example, blood will not spew if a foot/knee comes off. However, if the whole leg comes off, blood will spew. This is also the case if the player is torn in half. Happy Wheels v1.60 added Blood Settings, with four types. Originally, the default blood setting after this point was Type 3. However, considering the demands this type required, it was reverted to Type 1, the original Blood Setting, even though Jim said several times that you can change the blood.


There are 4 types of blood. Each can be selected from the options menu. All introductory quotes are found in the options menu as well.

Type 1

Blood type 1.

"This is the original blood setting. It looks the worst but runs the fastest."

Type 1 is the blood used before v1.60. This blood was used since Happy Wheels v1.0. It consists of a droplet-like red liquid which falls from the character's wounds single-file, not initially overlapping. If zoomed in, they appear to be composed of raster images which pixelate upon magnification. This type of blood is the least CPU-intensive, and recommended for those with lower end computers. Sometimes, users say that this blood type looks like cereal.

Type 2

Blood type 2.

"Each blood particle is drawn as a line. Runs slightly worse than [type] 1 but looks a bit better" (There is no period after this line in game)

Type 2 blood appears as individual lines. These exit the character in the same fashion as Type 1 and rotate as they fall; this type of blood looks slightly more realistic.  This blood also is the only blood type rendered in Vector graphics, which means they won't be affected by sizing up if a player chooses fullscreen.

Type 3

Blood type 3.

"The blood looks like actual liquid. Runs a bit worse than [type] 2. For the sake of performance, all blood is rendered on one layer."

Type 3 blood looks much more realistic than the previous types. It has a liquid-like blob shape which dynamically spreads.

Type 4

Blood type 4.

"This is just like setting [type] 3, but has an additional bevel and blend mode applied. Only use this with a fast computer."

Type 4 blood is the highest quality blood the game currently provides. Although similar to Type 3, this type utilises different layers with a lighter and darker shade of red, which create a more realistic, dynamic liquid appearance. This type is the most CPU-intensive and is not recommended for slower or older computers.




Happy Wheels - Blood Update

A video made by Jim, showcasing the four types of blood.


  • With blood type 3 and 4, some of the blood that spews out will disappear and/or reappear. Jim has stated that since blood type 3 and 4 are done on one layer, there are some overlapping issues.
  • The appearance of the blood used in the mobile version is similar to the first blood type in the browser version, however, the blood particles in the mobile version come in the form of circles rather than in a pixelated form.
    • Blood type 1 (along with other particles) are pixelated to reduce the frame rate dropping, rather than have them at a vector graphic format.
  • Sometimes blood types other than type 1 may automatically be set back to type 1 after revisiting the game. This is likely due to the deletion of the browser cookie that handles the user's blood setting, which will reset the option to the default, type 1.
  • Blood type 2 is Jim's favorite blood setting.

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