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Featured Level



Date created

January 7th, 2016

Play count



3.20 (900+ votes)

Playable character

Segway Guy

BADLAND - Day 4 is a featured level by CrEaTiVeAsHeLl. It currently has over 2,100,000 plays and a rating of 3.20 from over 900 votes. Segway Guy is the forced character.


You start off in a cave with Clony, the game's protagonist, locked inside a cage and telling you to take out whoever is trying to kill him at the moment. Once the conversation is finished, you proceed through the cave to an elevator, where you move up to an engine that is missing some parts and requires you to find them by clicking them. When the engine is repaired, you return back down to find Clony in his cage, only that there is a maze which you must guide Clony through to continue through the level. Past the maze, you have to avoid three crushers, traverse over a spinning gear, and dodge two circular saws, which will take you to Clony's evil brother (the one who's after Clony all along). Clony believes in you to defeat his brother for him, and begins the boss battle after another brief conversation.

For the boss battle with Evil Clony, you need to damage him by clicking on his head repeatedly. At first, Evil Clony won't do anything to attack you, but after he loses his first stock Evil Clony will send out a series of side-scrolling platforms that you must make your way through by jumping and ducking. You repeatedly click his head again to take out Evil Clony's second stock, after which red spots will appear on the map that you must avoid to survive the circular saws he hurls at you. Later, you click his head another time to take out Evil Clony's second stock, causing Evil Clony to send a bunch of platforms that scroll down towards you. You dodge the platforms by moving to the side, during which Clony decides to kill Evil Clony himself, only to be eaten in the process. You then repeatedly click Evil Clony's head a final time to defeat him, ending the level with you wishing for Clony to come back, and the level's title scrolling onto the screen.


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