Alice in WonderlandX
Alice not in wonderland
Featured Level



Date created

July 21st, 2012

Play count



3.83 (5,300+ votes)

Playable character


Alice in WonderlandX is a featured level by PhysX. It currently has over 4,000,000 plays, and a rating of 3.83 from over 5,300 votes. You can play as any character.


Based on Alice in Wonderland, you play the role of Alice. You start by being dropped onto a catapult, where a head falls on it, launching you up into the tree and breaking through it. Now there are huge mushrooms, which you can clear or fall and land on the grass. After this, you slide down a hole, where you will hit a flower, and slide onto a table where cups and teapots are flying around, and a voice will say, "Who is it! How rude! No room! NO room! NO room!". There is a bunny (possibly March Hare) sitting on a chair, and you must go over him, where you will then land on a huge hand. The large guy says "It's rude to sit down uninvited. Ruining our unbirthday party. Get LOST!". He will drop you, and then kick you, where you will hit a wall and slide onto a worm, you must hold on it and control it.

Now that you are controlling it, you will pass a sign that says, "Bees", where you must avoid them, if any bee touches you, you can easily die and will have to start the level over. After passing them, there is sign on the hill reading, "Everdark Cave". You enter it, where a face will appear in the background, which says, "Leave NOW!". You continue on, and bump into a wall, which makes Chesire Cat appear, with dialogue that reads, "OH NO! It's the Chesire Cat. Drop him down the abyss behind him". You will need to push him down, and after doing so, you continue further on and reach the end of the cave, with text telling you to slow down.

When reaching the bottom of the hill, you will need to dismount the worm and go down into another hole, where you will land right at the queen, where she hits you very hardly (be careful, she can kill you). You will be flung to the finish line, where text and a YouTube icon appears, displaying his account name, DontGiveMeYourCrap.


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