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Akira Bike
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Removed character

Real name



Akira motor bike


Very fast (as said by Jim)

Character size


Included in Happy Wheels since version

1.19 (removed and replaced with Moped Couple in 1.20)

The Akira Bike (unofficial name) was a hidden character in Happy Wheels, only accessible in the Level Editor from June 4th, 2010 to November 19th, 2010. His discovery was first documented by the user ThatCanadianGuy[1].

The Akira Bike originally just contained Irresponsible Dad as a placeholder character, as Jim hadn't created the actual playable character for it. The bike is based on the bike from the Japanese manga film Akira[2].

To access the character, a player had to click the playable character in the level editor, and change the "Character" number to 5. It is also accessible from the demo if you view demo swf contents.

The Akira Bike was removed from the game after the addition of Moped Couple. According to Jim, many months ago, when asked about this character by ThatCanadianGuy, Jim stated that the character was never fully added due to Jim being unable to figure out proper physics for it. Even if the player did select #5 as the playable character, testing the level with this character was impossible (as the game crashes upon trying to load), as was saving it.