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Server Administration

Adurais the Total Jerkface server admin. He makes sure Total Jerkface loads properly on your specific Internet browser. Adura tended to post silly jokes on the old forums from time to time, such as saying that the new character was going to be "Harold Camping On a Dinosaur" to mess around with people. He once said that he wants fire in Happy Wheels. When the site goes down, he is called the "Server Admin Guy".

Headache puppy was added by Adura.

Adura implemented the Headache Puppy splash that users commonly experience. Adura also runs a Happy Wheels irc chat box which most of the admins and a few other people visit, with the server being irc.rizon.net and the channel being #happywheels. Adura's real name is Sean, but his last name remains unknown.

In Jim's news post "NEW SITE, YAY, Jim said that Sean managed to tape together the broken pile of sticks that was the original site (which was intended for magnitudes less than 500,000 users a day) for the past couple years.

It is likely that Adura is still active on Total Jerkface, as his latest level was made in March of 2014, and was titled "Test SMB 1-1".

Adura is called the "Server Admin Guy" when the site goes down.