A large Satan eats u
A large satan eats me indeed
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Date created

June 26th, 2010

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3.58 (8,400+ votes)

Playable character


A large Satan eats u is a featured level by Bubbucue. It currently has over 4,900,000 plays, and a rating of 3.58 from over 8,400 votes. A large Satan will eat you, and you must travel inside his stomach. You can play as any character.


As you begin, a large, Satanic demon will open its mouth and fling you into it with its fork. You'll either get chewed up, or you will enter its stomach without dying. While entering the stomach, there is a bone that is stuck in the demon's throat, but it can easily be broken through. As you enter the stomach, there is a horse, some spring platforms and boosts that may lead you to the next part of the body easier. Next, two spinning "gears" will most likely crush you up. You will then fall into a boost that will push you out of the posterior and into the "toilet" with the finish line being the bowl.


  • If you miss the Satan's mouth and you fall down his chin, you will hit a light green block at the bottom.


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