World of Mysteries
World of Mysteries Title
Featured Level



Date created

March 1st, 2018

Play count



4.32 (200+ votes)

Playable character

Segway Guy

World of Mysteries is a featured level by CrEaTiVeAsHeLl. It currently has over 70,000 plays, and a rating of 4.32 from over 200 votes. Segway Guy is the forced character.


After clicking 'Play' on the title screen, the player immediately finds that the terrain is fairly raggy and slow to navigate. A little further ahead is a pitfall which the player needs to jump over. Fail and they will promptly be impaled by spears. After toppling a tree to cross to the other side of a ravine, the player comes across a cliff face which must be scaled by chopping a tree down as a incline in a mouse minigame of sorts.

From the point on, the player can choose two methods of advancing to the next area. The most typical way will be that the player carelessly falls into a hidden passage into the caverns below. Alternatively, they can also jump over this hole and advance far enough until a two headed mutant comes chasing the player. At that point, reverse at full speed towards the hut and wait until the mutant falls down the first hole, then go forwards back to a second one which will lead the player directly to the depths of the caverns. Depending on which route the player take, they may also have to contend with a giant worm.

In the cave itself, there are two main objectives to be completed in order to advance in the level; Retrieve the key to make the elevator operational, and the key to open the gate blocking the way. The key to the elevator is located in a boarded up recess in the cave walls next to some green luminescent fungi in front of the pool. The key to the gates are located similarly in a boarded up hole reachable with the elevator.

Later in the level, the player encounter a cave pool with some floating platforms. These platforms will oscillate vertically, thus be patient but never be hesitant with each jump. Completeing that, they come across a stone slab blocking the way. Although difficult to see, there is a pulley system in the dark which will lift the slab up. Stand by the pulley system until there is a dull thud, then go forwards to finish the level.


  • The current version of the level is actually a reiteration of an older level by the same author in 2016, frame rate boosted courtesy of Triggertitan. This newer version is differentiated by hyphens on each side of the title. You can play the original here, but be warned of poor performance on some machines.
  • Careful you don't go too fast when toppling the tree to cross the valley, collision issues may occur and the Segway may become stuck halfway in the tree.
  • If the player reverses across the bridge into the hut after scaling the cliff face, they will be greeted with this message, "Nice view from here, huh? Now get going!"


  • Intro screen.
  • Starting out.
  • Pitfall.
  • Failing to jump over the pitfall.
  • Making an improvised bridge over the ravine.
  • Tree chopping minigame.
  • First entrance into the caverns.
  • A two heade mutant and, incidentally, the second entrance to the caverns.
  • Giant worm.
  • Location of elevator key.
  • Elevator in operation.
  • Location of gate key.
  • Cave pool.
  • Stone slab and pulley system.
  • Stone slab and pulley system, 50x brighter for easier viewing.
  • End screen.
  • Collision issues.
  • Nice view eh?
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